Equipment Installs & Pool Repairs

Do you ever wonder how can I save on your pool and utilities?Technology has come a long way, and the pool industry is no exception. Pool pump/motors now offer variable speeds to maximize electrical usage, in some cases you can pay for a new pump in 18 to 24 months and then have years of savings to use elsewhere.

We have many different equipment plans to help you with all your pool equipment needs, whether you’re wanting to have softer water by going to a salt pool, or you want to use less chemicals and in a UV light system.Whatever the need might be, we are here to make the changes easy and worry free.

Pool Repairs

Are there air bubbles returning into your pool? Is your pool pump noisy and waking up the neighbors?

Leak Detection

We provide complete underground plumbing Leak Detection and underground/deck plumbing repair. Our friendly staff will evaluate your plumbing system, pinpoint the leaks and provide an estimate for repairs.

Whatever the problem might be, our professional technicians are ready to help. We work on all types of equipment, heaters, salt systems, UV lighting, and just about anything that is part of your pool system. Our friendly staff will evaluate your problem and give options of ways to fix it. They will explain in detail what it will take and costs to repair.

Make an appointment today so we can have you back in the pool where you should be.

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"I would definitely refer Gator Pool Service to friends and family. I have been using their service since I moved to Mesa and wouldn't consider changing or cancelling. They have been honest, reliable, and have worked hard on servicing and repair my equipment with fair and honest prices. When I bought my home, the pool had faulty equipment. The pump, filter, and salt water conditioner were all faulty. They provided me the best value at the best price and have always honored their commitments (they have always done what they are contracted for on time every time). I would not consider cancelling the service as they have saved me time and money in trying to perform the services myself or through other pool service contractors.”

Chuck J



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