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A well-designed outdoor landscape creates a welcoming environment for everyone. Make the right first impression with the help of Desert Gator Pools. As an expert in landscape and hardscape architecture, we have been transforming property fronts and backyards from drab to stunning for over a decade. Our difference from other companies in Arizona is that we see landscape design both as craft and art. We are able to produce stunning landscapes and hardscapes that homeowners are able to enjoy for years

  • Cool to touch- No matter how hot the day goes, this stone remains cool to touch. This makes the material a great choice for building pool decks, where people are most likely to walk barefoot
  • Minimal cleanup- Unlike concrete and brick pavers, travertine pavers do not produce chalky white deposit on the surface known as efflorescence.
  • Durable- Your hardscapes will last for years because travertine can withstand freeze-thaw cycles, as well as regular use.
  • Doesn't fade- A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and that perfectly describes this natural stone

Travertine pavers are also available in different finishes: honed, polished, and tumbled. If you prefer a smooth yet matted look, we recommend the honed travertine. If you want a buffed, shiny look, we can use polished pavers. Both options provide a sleek modern look. The tumbled or brushed finish, on the other hand, has rough, textured surface Unique- No two stone pieces are the same.

Moreover, we source our pavers from the most-trusted names in the stone and paving industry to ensure every project meets the highest standards in paver design and installation

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Traverine.jpg Travertine-sm2.jpg Travertine.jpg

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